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The Experience with Althea Contraceptive Pills

Hi everyone! Just wanna share my experience with Althea contraceptive pills. I started using it in 2009. Since I was already married at that time. I had my son in 2008 and I was not in a rush to have another baby soon. I wanted to push my nursing career so me and my husband tried Althea as a contraceptive pill.

In the first week:

I definitely experienced nausea , headache and being hungry all the time. It was not a fun. But after two weeks the side effects were gone.

Second Week till 2012.

Althea pills gave me lots of advantages. I was so fair.. like I was taking glutathione. I have bigger boobs (but I have natural big boobs anyway) and I maintained my weight even though I eat like a truck driver. Every time I wake up, I look in the mirror and feel confident.

I can't even say 100% I got all from Althea because I was always going to the gym and I also use Sujali on my face. But after my church wedding, me and my hubby wanted our second and last baby in our lifetime.. I stopped taking the pills.

There was no problems on dizziness or headache from stopping the pills. But I had lots of acne. Oh no! I was so shocked with it. I had good skin for years yet, it will haunt back at me after I stopped using it. I also gained 8 lbs. but I was not sure because I was also stressed from work at that time. I practiced stress-eating. 
Good thing Mediskin Dermatology saved my face. After that I did not use anything except Mediskin.
Now, I have nice skin thanks to Mediskin!
I went to the gym to lose the excess weight, so I will be back to the old me!

Anyway.. on getting pregnant, it took me a year before I had a positive pregnancy! So maybe, because of 3 years of using the pills the hormones of my body was disrupted and shocked. It took a while to ovulate.

Right now, I am still breastfeeding and I am using Exluton. I heard some BF pills can give pimples and weight gain but thankfully, I did not have those.

Next month, I will stop breastfeeding and I am thinking of using Sophia pills because based on research it can lose weight. I am never gonna go back to Althea again!

Price of Althea: P400+

Price of Sophia: P200

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  1. cool. My OB prescribe me SOPHIA hope I wont gain weight with it. BTW have you tried SOPHIA? or moreon Althea Pills?

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