Sabado, Enero 10, 2015

Grateful for 2014

Hey guys! It's now January 11, 2015.. and I realized I better step up on my blogging game. Sorry for being very boring lately.. truthfully, I literally don't have time to blog because of super busy schedule of work and family. My priority is my new salon and new baby Heather. I am so crazy for her literally, I don't wanna go out of the house because I wanna be with her all the time.

What can I say about my 2014...? Well it was a lot of waiting and waiting.. wishing and hardwork. Everything came by so fast.

1. I was waiting for my daughter to come.. and she came in the middle of the year.. June 15, 2014. So happy and blessed to have a daughter.

2. We had a bigger place for our bigger family.  I was busy decorating and buying for this big project of ours. I really wanna share with you our new place.. but the decorations is still 70% finished. We need to buy my dream chandelier and a bigger TV in the sala. But no budget.

3. We had 2 new cars but it was bloody hell paying for it. 'nuff said.

4. I had to let go of my first business love, Budget Barbie PH because of practical reasons. NCCC grocery closed and I will no longer have walk-in clients.

5. I have to let go my food business Chicken Central because of too many problems. From plumbing, to broken appliances. I had a good run. 2 years.

6. I made the best decision to give up the food business and make my salon bigger and better! It was a very good decision.. I am so so happy. I am more creative and I help others feel good and look beautiful. I meet a lot of people everyday and I super duper love and passionate about it!

7. In the later part of the year, my hubby and I had a big fight. To make it short, my hubby drifted a little bit from me because of pressures in the business and I really wanted him to make more effort to be a better husband. I am shy to tell him because I know he is a great father, financier and great person.. but it all got bottled up and I exploded and he exploded too. Usually we never let a day past by without being friends but this time it took us a week. Now, we are getting better and making a conscious decision to work on our marriage.

8. I literally did not make an effort on some of my friendships. I was super duper happy with my family, and of course feeling satisfied with my mom, ate and kuya that I no longer felt the need to connect with my close friends.

So for 2015...

1. I promise not to bottle up all of my issues to my hubby so I will not explode! LOL

2. I promise to make an effort to my friends this year!

3. I am planning to have more blogposts with my besh Cherry Maning! More personal and lifestyle posts. As I said, I don't want to monetize on this blog I want to be real and fresh to my readers!

4. Will be having business ventures this year so standby!

5. My daughter will be a year old and I will be planning a special party for her of course! Only the best for my daughter.

6. My one and only pamangkin Olivia will be turning ONE!!! I am also so excited about it.

7. I am slowly getting back in shape and towards my beauty routine.. so I wanna share to all of you my beauty secrets!!!! LOL

8.I will have my dream vacation ever this February with my mom and bestfriend!.. I literally want to explode with happiness but I can't tell you till the day I ride the plane. I'm a little bit superstitious I don't wanna jinx it.

9. I am planning to be the best tutor for my son because he will be Grade 1 and I want him to be the best.

10. I promise to deal with my finances head on!!!! More research and more good investments.

11. God will be the center of my life.

12. One of the hardest things that I want to improve on myself is learning to forgive. But this year I just want to start anew and to forgive the people who hurt me and just continue with life. No more grudges!!! Life is good and I feel so blessed!

Goodluck to us this 2015!!!!

Cheers to be a better person every year.

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