Martes, Enero 20, 2015

Mosbeau Placenta White Advance Review

Hello BudgetBarbies! I am in a blogging beast mode! So take advantage of that!

In the past month, I noticed in my skin specially on my face that I have dark undereyes, abdominal fats, cellullites and etc. 

So, as the beauty blogger in me I researched about beauty regimen that will improve my skin.

I decided to try this mosbeau thing. I thought, my sister was very 'hiyang' when she tried this, so maybe I am also.

Initially, I was pleased.. I bought the 15 days trial and it has a free 1200 mg collagen plus drink  ala Gretchen Barreto.

PRICE: Php 1500

I was so excited that it will make me more blooming. (Let's face it, I'm a mother of 2 and in my late 20's.)

 So VIOLA!!!! I thought it was the placebo effect.. I really felt blooming! But in a more sad news... I had pimples running on my face like crazy! Big zits pa tlga! I gave it another chance.. researched and researched.. too bad.. almost all of them complained of acne after taking it!!!

So after almost 10 days of using it, I gave it to my sister. As they say.... 'hiyangan lng tlga yan'
photo taken in my 6th day from taking Mosbeau.. its because of the lighting cguro or because of what I had been using na soap and lotion. 

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