Huwebes, Enero 22, 2015

New Things to Try for Yourself 2015 edition

Hey everyone! I saw this on Lauren Conrad's New Year Resolutions 2014 edition list. I feel its so cool to make this part of improving oneself and I want to share to all of my readers my resolutions and hope you could make one for yourself too!

I love to set goals for myself and start anew! I always feel accomplished every time I write the things I wanna do in my life!

A Bad Habit I'm Going to break: hhhhmmm.. always being easily irritated by someone! I need to change that! I have to be more understanding.

A Destination I'd like to visit: New York, New York!

I'm going to work harder on: Exercise and expanding my business a.k.a. empire!

A project I'd like to finish: Decorating my home. (Budget Please Come!)

A Class I'd like to take: Crafting (Youtube??? Free!!!) Hairstyling also!

I'd like to spend more time doing: Biking, Photography, Blogging, Styling!

Food that I want to eat more of: Fruits and Fish!

I want to wear more: lovely, vintage and chic clothing!!!

There you go! Go write your own 2015 resoultions!!!

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