Sabado, Marso 28, 2015

Graduation Day

Hi everyone! Just wanna share my son's graduation pictures! It has been a wonderful 6 years with my Liam. It is so surreal that even if having him really young, I became responsible and maternal with him. I can really say that I am proud of what he had become. We are so blessed to have each other, our days are so much happier when we are all together. I love my family! :) So grateful to my husband because he is really my partner in everything, specially in disciplining Liam. Life is not perfect but I'm dealing life's struggles day by day. You will know about it soon.
So here is my ootd                                  
 Dress - from a special guy (Kohl's)           
Shoes - Charles and Keith                       
    Bag - Chanel                                          
Hair Extensions - Tokyo Posh

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