Linggo, Marso 29, 2015

Ready for Summer

      Bonding with Cherry Maning talking about kikay, fashion and our secret project coming soon!
 Jumpshort - Mandee New York           
   Gold Sandals - Primadonna                    
Bag - Kate Spade                                    
                                                 Shades - Sunnies studios (given by Cherry Maning)                                             

 Hi everyone! Happy Monday morning! isnt it amazing that we will have a good week? This is the Holy Week and we will have a relaxing few days but focusing at the same time with our spiritual reflections. I love watching 700 Club stories on TV. It amazes me how some people experience a very dark part of their lives and still comes out strong and still standing.                                              I certainly noticed that when I am not as near as the Lord as I should, my life is falling apart. I really make it a point to have time for Him even if I have a busy schedule. We are all guilty of this. Just remind yourself that God is the reason why we are here in this world. Just a simple thought. I don't want to be self righteous to my readers. Just positive vibes and just wanna share a glimpse of my life with the internet world.                  

Have a meaningful Holy Week readers!!! 🙅                

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