Lunes, Abril 27, 2015

9 months in, 9 months out

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

Omg I can't believe my baby is 10 months old. Going 11th this coming May.
I just wanna share this precious pic of ours. On the left picture I am 9 months pregnant, on the right side, she's 9 months out!

Amazing what a woman go thru. Having a baby is truly a miracle. I can't believe I managed to sleep thru the night already, starting when she was 9 months old. No more sleepless nights for me. She is a very feminine and sweet baby. Good thing I get to take all her pictures and cherish them when she is bigger! I was able to keep Liam's pictures when he was younger also! So cute and adorable. I love them both so much!

Hubby and I decided to just have 2 children, so Heather is my last baby.

Now her attitude is showing, a feisty one, really! (It depends on the day, sweet or feisty). Heather loves to hold anything she sees!  She loves to crawl and walk on her 'karang'

She loves to eat anything, unlike Liam who is a picky eater!!! She loves listening to music with us and loves to dance. She likes to sing also! My struggle with her is that she doesnt smile that easily when I take her picture.

I also love dressing her up and giving her different hairstyles. I like to give her educational toys because we are planning to have her go to school at 3 years old. Liam started playschool at 1 1/2 years old. I know it was a good decision that time. But knowing me as an experienced mother, I said to my hubby I will just teach her in the house.. To be more practical!

I know I can balance everything with my career and family. Hopefully I can do all my duties with the help of my hubby and my assistant Ruthy!

So grateful with my life right now! So happy!

I love you baby Girl!

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