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Budget Barbara: Immunization of my baby at the Barangay Health Center

Happy Friday dear mommies!

Just wanna share my experience on having my daughter's immunization at our nearby Barangay.

With Liam, I was quite hesitant to go to barangay for his immunization because of      feeling unsanitary, I don't wanna be in the crowd with other people. Liam might get sick because there are a lot of babies! So in short, we really threw out big amount of money because we had him immunized by a private doctor.

With Heather, I had decided that I wanna help my hubby and conquer my fear of being at the barangay and get her immunized for free.

I always go there really early so H will be the first to be immunized. Im already at the barangay around 6 am.

This time, I was the second mom to come.
Heather was not in good mood because it was not her waking time but she was still a good girl. 

At around 7 am, lots of moms and kids will go here almost 50 plus. I really make sure that I will not wait so long. I am very impatient and I hate lines. All of the babies are healthy because how could they be given immunization if they are sick right? So the fear is gone.

Everytime I finished having her immunized, I feel happy that we get to save a lot of money. I always see a nice smile on my hubby's face everytime I tell him that I can do it.

The early birds

Im next!!! Lol so excited so I can go home already.

It turns out, I had a good time because the barangay workers are very accomodating. The sanitation is also very good. 

Note: just always come early so you will not be haggard.

It's her last immunization on her 12th month. Hooray! So glad we managed to do it. Boosters are not given for free so I have to go to the doctor for it. But Im not sure I will ask them next time.

Hope some of my mother readers will try it. We can save a lot if we do it. 

After going home, heather and I go to sleep and cuddle sometimes she has fever after being given Penta.

Even if we are the second one to come, we finished at 8:30 am. So 2 hours and 30 minutes stay. But everything is worth it for my baby.

Have a happy weekend ahead!

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