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NYC Adventure: Part 2 - Central Park and Statue of Liberty

When watching Gossip Girl or Sex and the City, I always secretly say to myself, 'Someday I will go and enjoy Central Park.'

So when the time came that I was there, I definitely had the the time of my life and took a lot of 'blogger pictures.'

My mom is so pretty!

It was super cold that day. Good thing I have a supermom who was always game with everything. The windchill was the worst!!! Sometimes its hard to breathe because the wind is gushing in your face.  

It was almost a perfect day but then there was a super muddy snow path that mom and I got really stressed because of our shoes might be wet and it will go inside our feet. It was like a 10 minute muddy walk! Good thing it was over and our shoes are very durable. We managed to get thru it. Lol

This part where the muddy snow pathway started.

We also went to Statue of Liberty. We rode a ferry for free! We did not go near the Liberty because it is closed for Winter Season.

Floppy Hat - h & m
Pants - Mandee New York
Boots - aldo
Bag - betsey johnson
Leather Jacket - forever 21
Turtleneck top - Gap
Leather gloves - h& m

Love you ma!

Hi statue of Liberty!!! Sorry I can't be close to you right now.

Just outside the ferry, my very first newyork hotdog streetfood!

          So many foodcarts available

I feel like Im Elsa from Frozen lol. Say hello to the Frozen lake.

Because of the cold I have six layers on!

Hope you love my pictures!!!

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