Sabado, Abril 11, 2015

From Fashion to Lifestyle

Are we all excited for the weekend? Hubby and me will go to Mati because Net Central will open there tomorrow. It's not ours but we will come and support my hubby's business partner and investor. 

We will definitely visit Dahican, Mati but I'm not sure if I will swim on the beach. It is so hot and I need to maintain my skin color for my new business, the bleaching scrub and lotion.

Anyway, about the title, I decided to change my blog into a lifestyle and personal one. I mean, with 2 children, I can't seem to buy lots of clothes like before anymore. I have to think for their future and I wanna concentrate more on non materialistic part of blogging which is family, experiences and will talk more on my feelings, my dreams and observations. I know a lot of women can relate to me as a mother juggling career and lots more stuffs that I could ever imagine.

So, look forward for a more opinionated and a more personal me readers. I mean can you imagine, other bloggers who I know is in a lot of debt just so they can show off? Ohmy. I cant really. Im not that kind of woman. 

I want to be financially independent to my husband. I hope you will join me in my journey as a full grown woman, who wants to enjoy life even if it has ups and downs... and based on my name, always on a budget!

Make sure to always check my ig for everyday updates!!! 
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Happy Weekend!!!

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