Biyernes, Abril 17, 2015

Globe's Unbelievable Deal: 1 tab and 1 phone for only 999

Happy Saturday!!!

Just wanna share Globe's super great deal that my husband got last night!!!

1 tab and 1 phone from LG for only P999!!!

It is our 2 years anniversary from our mobile internet, so hubby went to globe to get his new phone. (Every 2 years he gets a new phone from Globe for free)

We are so happy because this deal is from April 17-19 only!!!!

Although after that you can still get the deal but only Lenovo tab and phone!!!

For the 3 day deal, you can choose from Samsung, LG or Lenovo!

The My Super Plan 999 includes
500 worth of call and texts
500 worth of internet for 1 month!!!

So happy with what we got! So get yours today and tomorrow!!! :)

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