Biyernes, Abril 3, 2015

Good Friday

It was a day of laziness but fun in our Good Friday! We watched my favorite shows in the morning with Liam and Heather and after lunch me and hubby watched Edge of Tomorrow by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Great movie by the way! 

After the movie we went jogging and for me walking just outside our house. I got Liam to exercise with me.. Super fun experience! 

He did not like to wear rubbershoes, I keep on telling him to wear it but he was so stubborn about it. Oh well, at least I tried. Lol. 

Later on hubby went out and jogged with us.

He decided that he wants to bring Spike, his dog with him. He is a big dog. I am even scared of him because he is a trained security dog to guard our house.

After my 10 rounds of walking/ jogging, i made dinner. I cooked ramen and squid balls for the family. Liam loved it because he felt like he is Naruto, his idol. Hubby loved it too!

After dinner, we watched another movie, Tammi. Ohmy, it was a terrible movie. But we still had a good night!

So this is my idea of fun! Sometimes I just wanna stay in our house and just feel tge presence of my complete and happy family. 

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