Martes, Abril 14, 2015

Insecurities after Pregnancy Part 1: Hair

Hi everyone!!! This is a three-part series and I wanna share with you what I experienced after giving birth that made me feel insecure. 

First off, I'm not really a low self-esteem kinda girl. But these 3 things happened to me that is not normal. I hope you will love these 3 part series and I can help you new mothers along the way..

The first thing was hair.

When my baby turned four months, my hair starts to fall rapidly. I already have thin hair, so that happening makes me hate the experience.

I already experienced major falling hair from my first pregnancy. It was a hell lot due to dieting early. I literally have baldness in my forehead! In the left and right side. It was very alarming thats why I went to a dermatologist. She said that it is normal but I told her that I need medicine to make it grow faster (the bald spots), she actually gave me something I don't remember the name but it helped my hair grow faster too.

On my second pregnacy, I know that it is bad to diet right away, so I took my time and did not diet. Just ate healthy specially the first 6 months. I was also breastfeeding thats why I ate properly.

On Heather's fourth month, the hair started to fall rapidly again. I was so worried if I will have another bald forehead like before.

My mom gave me this vitamin to help me with this time. 

So literally its the best thing ever!!! It helped my hair not fall that rapidly and the hair that fell in my forehead grew now!! I am so so happy and thankful for this vitamin. It can even help skin and nails also!!!

In the awkward stage of my hair I decided to cut it short!!!! I felt fresh and light!!! 

Sometimes I wanna have long hair specially when I want to be extra pretty, I bought Hair clip on extensions from Tokyo Posh!!!! 

I bought Blair hair extensions. It costs P3500 but it is sooooo worth it! A good quality hair that I can use for years with proper handling.

And because I am in the not so awkward stage anymore... I decided to have what I had been wanting for so loooonnggg!!! Bangs baby!!!!

Of course I got this cut to my salon.. 

Tanya Beauty Salon
Door 7, km 14, Panacan, Davao city.

So here it is and I am so so happy!!!

Thank You Biotin for my hair!!!
You can buy the vitamin at Healthy Options, Abreeza.

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