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Insecurities after Pregnancy Part 2: Tummy Fat

Happy Friday everyone! I know most of you are really excited on this topic and I am now in my salon with some free time, and I want to finish this topic.

This is part 2 of my Insecurities after Pregnancy.  

When we get older our metabolism goes down and if we continue to eat unhealthy food, then we will really get fat. Most of us it will start on our tummy. I really observed it in my body when I eat a lot of junk, I will really gain a lot.
I'm like a yo-yo dieter. Specially here in Davao I go to lots of parties and get togethers. I get really tempted specially when chicken, spaghetti and steaks are around. Please can we talk about Pringles? Lol I love it soooo much!

One of my hatest part after giving birth to Heather is the extra fat in my lower ab. I felt like a mama kangaroo on my first months after having Heather. I even thought that this will really be my tummy forever and that nothing will ever change it. Because I have '2 kids' I can't bring back my body anymore.

Then just before going to US, I had my bad moment when I felt really fat while  wearing a swimsuit at Marco Polo. I said to myself that this could not continue because I don't wanna feel bad looking myself in the mirror.

So when I arrived back in Davao, I decided to pull myself back together and go on a diet and just go on a treadmill regularly. They say that exercise is only 10% and diet is 90%.

I cut down on sodas, junk food, sweets and fatty and oily foods.

I eat a full meal during breakfast and mostly its fish egg and rice to give me energy the whole day. Lunch, I eat a little bit sometimes with rice, then dinner I eat salad or oatmeal.

I also drink lots of water. The things that I can't live without still are Pringles and coffee. So I still eat pringles on a regular basis. Coffee still everyday.

What shocked me most is wearing a waist trainer. It shaped ny waist in just 2 weeks! Just 2 hours rest everyday. 22 hours of wearing waist trainer daily.

Let me show you my results!
Sorry for the ribbon. I don't want to be 
too revealing in respect to my hubby. 

Atlast my tummy and waist has shape! Although it is still not perfect, I need to tone my body! I am still lazy on toning exercises because I'm so busy.

The Kardashians wearing waist shaper.

Of course, me wearing it!

I'm part of the waist gang society!!!

Hope I helped you with my tips guys! I know its really really hard to be back in shape but with determination and hardwork we can all do it!!!!

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