Huwebes, Abril 16, 2015

NYC Adventure Part 1: Sex and the City Tour

Hi everyone! Just wanna share my Sex and the City Tour in NY! 

It is really part of my must see list that I can see my favorite show in real life. 
It costs about $65 and it is so worth it specially if you are in your first few days as a tourist in NY. They have a bus and you can see the beautiful city very well..

This is where we go first. The bus is here and you can talk to the tourist guide. Located at the Fifth Avenue. 
You can actually be a walk-in and get tickets here. Just make sure that you arrive early so you can get good seats. It was sssoooo cold that day!

My tourist guide. Her name is Lou Matthews. I like her. She is so pretty, very articulate and funny. She's also an actress.

At Pleasure Chest where Miranda and Carrie had a bonding moment.
We also went to Buddakan where Carrie and Mr. Big's engagement party was held.

Just posting my ootd! It was sssoooo cccooollldddd!!!
Beanie and Scarf - H & M
Pants - Terranova
Jacket - Eddie Baeur
Shoes - easy spirit

Just outside Carrie Bradshaw's apartment. Amazing experience!

I think we were in the Meatpacking district here. Not sure or maybe Bleacker St.? 

We also stopped by in Magnolia's Bakery. What a beautiful tiny place. So homey and comfy. 
Free cupcakes for us at the bus! 

Me at the bus roaming around discovering New York for the first time.

Lastly, we went to Aidan's bar, Scout. but in reality, it is Oniel's.

The experience was really amazing. I get to meet a lot of SATC fans from different parts of the world. Everything is so worth it if you're a super fan!

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