Linggo, Abril 12, 2015

Summerfrolic in Mati

Since I had been pregnant with Heather, the night life in Davao started. Great timing! lol. I really wanted to go to the first Carte Blanche but I know it is not safe for my baby. The second Carte Blance, I said I would go, but then I felt its not for me anymore.  Im just too happy with my babies and husband that I ended up not going. 

Summerfrolic schedule came and it is perfect timing that Net Central Mati Branch opened. Me and hubby went in the afternoon just looked around and chill. We did not come on the true night of the summerfrolic because I wanted to sleep with my Heather. Our priorities had changed but really I am very happy with it. I'd rather spend my time with my kids than partying. I'm not that kind of girl.

But I know someday, I would. Maybe next year when Heather is pretty much bigger. 

Kimono - Forever 21
Lace top - Victoria secret
Shorts - forever 21
Floppy Hat - h&m

Hope you like our pics!!!

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