Linggo, Mayo 3, 2015

90's Vibe

Happy Monday Everyone! 

I know all of us can't seem to get over the Manny and floyd's boring fight but what can we do, right? All we have to do is move on and its crunch time! Work work work!

Just like to share my Saturdate bonding with my husband. We always do date nights that specific day because Liam has Karate. We drive him to his class, then we go to Abreeza (because its near) or Sm Lanang depends on our food trip! 
I usually don't bring Heather because its couple time but this time I decided to bring my little girl because I can't leave her! She is so adorable and cuddly I just want to hug her forever. 

Black Top - Mango

Shorts - gmall store

Flannel gray top - Mandee New York

Shoes - Nike

Necklace - SM department store


Top - gmall department store
Skirt - given by tita cherry maning

Heather had a blast being on the stroller seeing a lot of new stuffs that stimulates her.

I super love this backpack! As you can see, Backpacks are cool this year... I super love how it gives a cool vibe in my outfit. Of course when I am on full motherhood mode backpacks are amazing to wear, easier than one shoulder bag,

Backpack - Victoria Secret

My inspiration for this outfit is the 90's fashion and Khloe Kardashian. In the latest 2 seasons of their reality show, I always see her in this style and love the way she looks specially her make up and hair. Actually, she is my favorite now. Kim's fashion is too boring and high fashion lately! She dresses up the way Kanye wants it. I need the old Kim back!
Kourtney Kardashian, I also love! But her attitude sucks lately! She is so uptight and very unhappy specially in the Hamptons season. But maybe its because of her partner Scott is a piece of sh*t! lol (but he is so handsome by the way)

Khloe is so real, lovable and approachable! Nevermind her bad taste in men! How cute is how she loves her brother Rob so much.

Anyway, lets get back on my life.

Super perfect day! I literally walked all sides of Abreeza and Heather had lots of fans everyone says Hi to her they loved her so much! 

Daddy Duties! We ate at Ranchero's and it was sssoooo yummy! I did not had time to take pics of the baby back ribs because hubby and I were like scavengers who did not eat for a week! 
What I really love about my husband is that we have the same taste in almost everything! Love love him. We literally hAve teamwork that day! He is incharge of the heAvy things and Im in charge with Heather. He even let me eat first because he knows Im so hungry.

Life is definitely easier when we are together. Well, I need to have another post for that!

Stay tuned


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