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Cinderella Birthday Preparations for Heather

I can't believe Heather's birthday is coming next month! Super excited and proud at the same time.

My first plan was Alice in the Wonderland Teacup Vintage Party but my sister inlaw Ariel told me that she will have a hard time looking for cute giftaways for the kids. Ariel is very good on finding some stuffs at Divisoria. 

I already booked my party at Garden Oasis Hotel. 

Bag - NCCC department store
Denim Jacket - f21
Skirt - f21
Top - Mango
Necklace - tomliz, uyanguren

I super love this bag! I happen to impulsely buy this when I saw this cute bag last December when I bought something for my Salon. It looks so expensive and sturdy. It only costs P500!
Score! #budgetbarbarafinds

Shoes - sketchers (given by my mom)

Super enjoying my bangs and my bleaching scrub and lotion!

Sorry for the selfies! I super love my look that day!

I met with my party planner, Nathans Partypipz! We came out with a good price together and we planned out everything!!! Actually they are a one stop shop and they are so humble and super affordable. Contact them:

Our theme: Shabby Chic Cinderella Party

Her outfit is ready!!! Oh my oh my!!!

I'm just super complete right now. Hope everyone close and dear to me will come and be by my side on her birthday :)

I'm sure every mom has the same feeling when their baby turns 1! Its a very good time to celebrate the first year of life. Im glad she is happy and healthy baby.
I don't usually throw parties but it is really special and worth it when its the first birthday. Liam also celebrated his birthday at Jollibee. Good thing now we really saved up for H's birthday thats why we are able to have something more special. Liam is super duper excited! I told him he will be Heather's partner and it is his special day also!

My mom can't come but for sure she is there by Heart and by lechon and cake! Haha! That's her gift to Heather.

Okay okay too much stories.. More to come.

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