Sabado, Mayo 30, 2015

Denim on Denim

Hi everyone! I had been looking for a perfect background for my ootds in our house, and I realize what better way to make my outfits to standout but with a white background. I would really like to take pictures outdoor but the sun's heat makes me scared. Literally the scorching heat is so alarming. Global warming anyone? I am secretly scared for my children. When I was young I can go out and play at 2 pm.. But now, 4:30 is safe for my son. 

Denim Top - Sonoma Lifestyle (given by my mom)

'Kigol shorts' lol - F21 davao

Red lippie - Mac riri woo

Hair - Tanya salon 
For inquiries contact 09438290087

My baby is so heavy already! 'Buyag' but I am enjoying our moments.

It's our Saturdate! The time of our cheat day. I missed KFC. Do you know what is my fave combo?

Spicy chicken, Spaghetti and Macaroni salad. Together with house blend iced tea  and super duper bonggang gravy!!! I am so passionate about KFC, I can't deal. I can't live without the crunchy chicken skin. Life is so meaningless without KFC.

Our wefie before going to Liam's karate class. For dessert, I had nescafe mocha and hubby a big box of Nerds!!! He loves candy so much. 

I'm so excited to bike later!! I hope you have a happy Sunday! :)

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