Biyernes, Mayo 22, 2015

Don't be Blue or it will be True

Hi everyone!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been feeling down and blue because of the traumatic warts removal. I never thought that it would take 7 days for it to be over! I stayed in the house and it made me insane! Sorry but I really can't stay in the house for 3 days straight. I want to go out and explore, or be at my Salon. I just want to be productive. Specially if I have a husband who is so busy, focused and determined, I really have to keep up.

After 7 days, I noticed that I became negative and moody. I became a monster! Lol. After being like that for days, I realized that Negative things started to happen to me. So, now I keep telling myself to be back to my happy and positive mode life. It is really true that when you are always in a good vibe, great things happen to you. If I let myself be down in the dumps, terrible things will really happen! So don't let negative vibes get to you.

Anyway, posting an old outfit post from the baptismal of the baby of Eric's friend.

Lace Top - budget barbie
Skirt - given by my mom 
Shoes - given by Cherry Maning (Charles and Keith)
bag - Chanel GsT


Hopefully I will not go back to my stuck-in-rut mode! I know it happens to everyone.

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Have a happy weekend!!! :)

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