Martes, Hunyo 16, 2015

1950's Retro Pin Up Look

My favorite vintage look is the 1950's retro pin up woman. I am so obsessed with this time. I wanna wear all the clothes.

I miss New York soooo much it hurts!!! Lol. I bought this shades in New York and I fell inlove with it. Mom and I bought it in Aldo in Soho part of New York.

The top I bought from my friend's store Look Chic. I wish I can pose whole body but no one is available to take a pic of me.

Lippie is from Mac Retro Collection - Riri Woo

I also edited my pictures on a different kind of filter that can give the retro vibe. Do you like it??? 

Here are my inspirations from the queen of retro pin up look addict herself: Katy Perry

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