Huwebes, Hunyo 18, 2015

Bike Nerds

I can never call myself a nerd. Maybe a bookworm? Magazine addict, blog nerd maybe? I love blogs that can inspire, real and positive.

So when I really enjoyed biking, well now I can call myself a nerd because I am so passionate and so happy with it!

Super duper relaxing! I can be one with nature... Feel the breeze, forget all the stress around me and at the same time be happy and laidback!!! 
Being fit is just an additional bonus! It's the first time that I don't feel exercising or being obligated to work out. Although I love dancing, sometimes I get tired doing it everyday unlike biking!!!

      With my biking partner Liam

Hubby is our coach. He is sprinting everytime we bike. Right now he can't bike with us because he is being maarte and wants an expensive bike. He said he will save up for triathlon kind of bike (aka expensive) but It is his money and i know it will make him happy and go for it.

I can really see myself biking forever. It makes me feel young and treasure every f*ckin day! So happy lately!! I think it releases lots of endorphins. Lol

 Tips for outdoor activities/biking:

1. Sunblock. 
2. Wear a hat or a visor.
3. Comfy clothes/gym clothes is a must.
4. Insect repellant.
5. Extra shirt or towel.
6. Water and finger foods.
7. Remove your fear and just do it!

Hi I'm Farah, a BIKE NERD.

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