Martes, Hunyo 2, 2015

Going Back to School Again

I am a little bit of emotional right now. I am going back to school again!!!

But this is the time that I will make it right. I am enrolling for Cosmetology!!!
I really want to focus on my salon and add more branches. So I need to know all about it more so I can give the best service to my customers. I can even train new workers!

I remember hating going to school. I love learning and getting baon from my mom and bond with my friends but the daily grind is ssssoooo tiring!!! Specially when I have to wash my uniform, iron it, prepare my food and study!!! Lets add Nursing into the mix. I never liked Nursing it is really not my passion. But I did it, 4 years and passed the board exam and US Nclex board exam. I made my mom proud when I finished all of it but I chose a different career path and she is so proud of me! (I hope she is)

I hate studying specially related to Math! But my special skill are writing stories, essays and memorization. I should have taken MassCommunication. That was my dream course. But alas, we are in a different time of our life, my mom wants me to go to New York so we can be with her.

Anyway, now I can be the best I can be because I am now in the beauty department. Hopefully I can be succesful on this one. I will work hard, and together with my husband I know we can survive this. My husband is so supportive kept saying that your calling is to have a salon and it will make you succesful in that area. Lol!! So I better make it right while Im young! :)

Top - Mango
Skirt - BudgetBarbiePH
Shoes - Melissa
bag - steve madden
Shades - aldo

Hubby and me.. Errands day!!!

Lippie - Mac Velvet Teddy

Enrolled in cosmetology!!! 

Merienda time at our fave merienda place.. Royal Breadhouse!!!
Buy 1 take 1 burger - P36
Coffee - P15 

Happy couple!! Lol

Busy with business? Or clash of clans???

We had a surprise visit from my friend Aissa! She went to my salon for color and keratin brazillian blowdry. I invited her to eat dinner. We finished around 9 pm. 

That was my super busy day yesterday. Today I'm going to a wedding! 

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