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Insecurities Part 3: Breastfeeding Boobies and Cellulites

Hi everyone!!!

I know this last part took a long time to post. There is a reason why. Because I don't know how to solve them.

Let me be straight to the point. Before having Heather, I was super happy and contented with my boobies. I got the genes from my grandma (mom of my Papa) so I never really thought of it that much. I never breastfed my son Liam so Nothings changed towards my bosoms. Lol

I breastfed Heather for 6 months. After that I stopped and noticed the difference. It was saggy and smaller in size!!! About half of breast size was gone! Lol. It is really true when they say that you will notice things once they are gone. 

Let's add to the color and size of areola is quite different than before. It was also my fault and I admit, I was so lazy on wearing a bra when I am in the house (im always in the house) thats why I got the saggy boobs. It really dawned on me when my sissy said that my boobs really really changed!!!

What I did to help me change the saggy booby problem was that I always wear a bra all the time even when I'm sleeping. I remember my lola told me that and I really did it till now. I can really see the improvement I had less saggy boobs but the size never came back. My husband never commented anything about it. I told him I want to have breast implants as a joke and he said he does not want me to and he is happy with my boobies. Lol. To be honest I don't want to have any surgery and I am happy what God gave me....for now!! I can't tell in the future. 

But nevertheless, I don't regret anything because Heather is a strong and healthy baby. All the sacrifices are so worth it. 

    wearing a push up bra from Victoria S

It's time to talk about cellulites!!! I have lots of them because I easily gain and lose weight so it is normal specially after 2 pregnancies my body is not the same. Specially on my butt lower area. That is my super duper weakness. That's why I never liked wearing two-piece bikinis because I am insecure about it. I get so lazy working it out because I need proper toning and toning exercises are so tiring. Right now I enjoy biking so hopefully it will help and hopefully I can wear 2 piece bikinis soon...

Here are some exercises that might help tone the butt and thighs.  

You can really count on my 2 favorite girls  for fitness on Youtube. Karena and Katrina from Tone it Up! They really helped me lose weight and they will help you tone the target areas you want. They are even like your bestfriends! It is so fun to exercise with them they are so funny and the exercises are sooo relatable and not that hard. 

Although I stopped for now, I'm planning to come back and exercise once again. I'm very busy with biking so I hope it can also help me lose the ugly cellulites.

Go to Tone it Up now!!! 

Hope I was able to help you or can relate to you.

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