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Let's Talk About Digital Perm or Soft Curl

Hi everyone!

I just wanna share FACTS about digiperm so that you can know if you can achieve it or if you like it.

First, I am using products from Cynos Inside Hair Care from Canada.

They are in competition with Loreal and they are trying to go inside the Salon Market Nationwide.

The Digital Perm that I am using is the NUTRITIVE STYLING ARGAN PERM.

It is infused with Argan Oil and especially designed for damaged or chemically treated hair.

- Argan Oil is exceptionally rich in natural tocopherols (Vitamin E), Omega 3 and essentially fatty acids and one of which is Omega 6. It ensures intensive repair and cair for hair effectively. It is also highlyregarded for its ability to shine and smotthen hair but also leaves the mane's vibrancy strong and healthier too!

We also include it with Special Pre-Treatment

With Hydrolized Wheat Protein, it greatly increases the hairs ability retain moisture and reduces hair's porosity. It's Key ingredient enables repair of hair and adds volume and shine on curls as well.

The word 'hydrolized' means that the chemical compound has been split to smaller units through the process of hydrolysis. Due to the low molecular weight of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, the essential Protein is not broken down and is easily absorbed by the hair shaft effectively.

Digital perm can be performed in ALL TYPES OF HAIR. Unlike the basic Perming that costs P400 in my salon.. we can only perform it on Virgin Hair/Colored Hair.

Digital Perm can be for:
A. Virgin Hair
B.Chemically Treated Hair
C. Damaged Hair

If you had Keratin Brazilian Blowdry we can't perform the Digital Perm till you reached your 7th month till your last Brazilian Blowdry because the Keration covered your hair cuticles and the Argan Perm will not take any effect.


Q. Will a Digital Perm damage hair?

A: It always depends on the condition of the hair before the process. Hair actually gets damaged by chemical and heating process anyway but with a digital perm, the thermal reconditions the hair to leave it smooth and shiny.

Q. How long does the process take?

A: It normally takes approximately 3 hours depending on the hair condition, length and density. Your hair will need to be cut before the digital perm is created for nicer, cleaner waves.

Q. Is it suitable for short hair?

A. Digital perm is normally suitable for medium to long hair. If there is not enough length, the digital perm will not be able to create very big waves.

Q. Does a digital perm give extra volume from the roots?

A: Digital perms give only a little volume to the roots. It can not be used to close to your scalp because of safety reasons and heated rods.

My first customer my cousin Cheenie
The left side is our trainor from Manila. (Cynos Team)

Here is the effect of the Digital Perm. For your Information:
We will give you first MEDIUM CURLS so that after a month it will give you the large curls. The Cynos Team said that if we start to large curls, it will have more chance to go straight again after a month. Specially if you have straight hair/rebonded hair.
We just want the best for your hair.

The Price of my Digital Perm is P2,800! Save P2,200 from other high end salons.

Here are some of the Digiperm Clients of Cynos Inside Hair Care from Manila. Check out CynosInsideHairCare on Instagram!

You see, all of them started on Medium Curls!!! If you want the curls to be on the lower part of your hair only, we will do it for you too! :)

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