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OmG OmG Korean Dewy Skin

Hi everyone!!!

Just like to share how I achieved my Korean Dewy Skin in 2 ways!!

I had been very curious about Korean dewy skin for a long time. But my obsession about it started last week. I keep on scanning on some blogs what is the best way to achieve it... Most of them said that its the Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer. 

I went to Etude House to try the famous volumer but OH NO!!! They said it has been a long time since they had the stock. Its not phase out at the moment, but maybe because its too good that they always go out of stock in Korea??

The saleslady told me to try their Balm. She said its almost the same as the volumer but when I touched it, it looks like Sebo de Macho!! Then she let me try the Glow On something with a pinkish glow but it did not last and boring it did not amaze me.

Then I said what is the best BB cream here? She said its the Precious Minerals Cotton Fit. It gives a semi-matt effect. But I don't like it. I want a dewy look. I have dry skin so she suggested the Bright Fit is for me.

I tried it today early morning... What can I say but OMG OMG made my day!!!

First, I put on my regular sunblock from loreal because it has SPF 60.

Then I put on the Etude House Bright Fit.

Sssooo happy with it. I added on my cream concealer to cover my imperfections. Just added on my Mac chatterbox lippie and my Make Up Forever eyebrow make up.
It can give medium to full coverage.
Because we are in a tropical country, we need to retouch the bb cream after 4 hours. I went to my salon and bought stuff for my family and it did not stay in my face for 4 hours. No problem with the retouching just bring alcohol so that you have clean hands when you retouch.

Another tip: put on loose powder if you want it to stay longer, but again.. The dewy effect will be gone :)

I also wanna suggest my own experiment about the dewy look and I think this will last longer.


1. Sunblock
2.Conceal your imperfections.
3. Put shimmer powder in your cheeks, forehead and nose.
4. Put on your trusty BB cream, mix another shimmer powder on your cheeks and forehead again.
5. Loose Powder to make it last longer.

I had many compliments for this look and I also love it!!!

Hope I was able to help you!!

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