Lunes, Hunyo 1, 2015

When you have nothing Nice to Say to your Spouse

As wives, or even if you are a long time couple, there are really moments that you get irritated with your spouse. 

It happened today, early morning. My husband made a choice that did not impressed me at all. But I don't have a choice on it because he is his own person. I know he has his priorities checked first so I can't make him change his mind. I can only say things but in the end it is still his decision.

That time while we are eating, My mind kept speaking to me. Say something bad that will hurt him so it would create an argument and he will change his mind. Say it! Say it! You are a great wife and you deserve to say iiiittt!!! (but of course my mind is on visayan language)

My brain and heart did not mix. My hearts is saying No to my brain. My heart says, 'I think he does not deserve to be treated that way. '
I also said to myself, I don't want to play mind games to him because he doesnt want that... Or so I say who does, right?

So I finished my meal and took care of the kids. I sang loudly.. 'seek ye first the kingdom of God....'

I just shrugged everything of and I told myself... I married Mr. krabs (spongebob show), so why would I worry. He always knows what he is doing. I leave it to him, and to the Lord.

So when he came home, and the day ended, we talked,made plans for tom, and giggle with our children...I was proud of myself that I did not say the bad things on my mind. I made a good decision. If you have nothing nice to say to your husband, then don't say it. It's all about respect and trust. Unless if its really threatening or something really really bad, then go on!!!

I felt good that I became a good person and did not hurt one of the most constant guy in my life. Just always remember to 'seek ye first the kingdom of God.'

Anyway, here is an old outfit post: 

Hair extensions - Broadway Gems

Sweater - Mandee New York

Pants - Gap DIY distressed pants

Bag - Kenneth Cole

Shoes - thrifted

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