Lunes, Hulyo 27, 2015

Birthday Funny Shoe Emergency

We celebrated The birthday of Eric's mom on the 23rd of July. Just a day later than mine. He really wants to make her birthday special so we celebrated it at Vikings.

My outfit was planned because I wanted to wear something conservative to match my Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen cardigan given by my mom...again. Lol

Black top - thrifted P100
Pants - h & m 

I decided to wear my Primadonna oxford shoes because its back on trend once again. I haven't used it for almost 2 years because I was pregnant and had a baby so  wearing heels is not a priority for me.

When we were about to go out in the car, the right shoe broke! All the wedge part of the shoe was removed. So I decided to remove the right wedge heel part so it would be equal. 

When I started walking, both the front part of the oxford shoe opened! Omg, so literally I was walking to the nearest shoe store. I chose Charles and Keith than Cotton On coz might as well pick something I really like so I can always wear it. 

So the heels on the first pic were the ones I chose. On sale from P2500 to P999 only.

It is funny that the night before I was looking thru Cheska Garcia's instagram and I said, I would love to have that kind of design but nevermind, I can't wear it all the time because I want to wear flats or wedge type of shoes. The sandals answered my prayers! Lol! It is a wedge heels with the design that I like.

Anyway, here are our pics at Vikings. We decided to include Ruth to say thanks for helping me with the kids.
        As usual Eric ate a lot again.

                  With my Papa!!!

                      Happy eaters!

Wishing Liam was here but he has class and of course studies should be a priority.

After eating, we went to our Sasa branch. He fixed  the printer. Heather was playing with the car but of course with my guidance.

Heather's signature look, the nguso look :)

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