Miyerkules, Hulyo 22, 2015


Hi everyone! It is my natal day today. So OMG I am 29 years old. So many things happened in my 20's. It is a whirlwind one. But one thing is for sure, I am a headstrong and ambitious woman eversince. 

I am very proud of what me and my husbands accomplishments. Living happily day by day. Family and the love of friends are ssssooo important to me.

My birthday wishes:

1. Mama Emi will live long, be safe and healthy.
2. Hubby will be safe from all his travels to work.
3. Heather and Liam will always be healthy, happy and strong kids.
4. Ate will achieve her dreams soon.
5. Kuya eric will be safe in Manila and continue to be who he is. 
6. Another branch for Tanya Salon soon. If God willing. 

Glad that my kaberks and loving family came.

Polka Dot Blouse - gaisano south illustre
Skirt - Just G, got it on sale from P1200 to P500
Heels - Melissa, got it on 70% sale! From P5,000 to P1500 only!!! Steeaaaaalll!!! Birthday gift ni mama emi :)

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