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How to be Successful and a Beautiful Day with friends

Hi everyone!!!

I'm back! I was sick last week and I stayed at home for 3 days to rest.. after that I have a class and was busy with my salon that's why I did not have the time to blog.

But for sure this blogpost is so interesting and you will learn a lot from it!!!

I was invited by my Ate Sol Paras (My Financial Advisor for Sunlife), for a Wealth and Health Seminar at Seda, Abreeza, featuring Edric Mendoza from ANC on the Money. For sure, I said YES! I love that show and I have a secret crush on him. He is God-fearing, smart and well, easy on the eyes. My husband knows that he is my crush. He is well aware of it. But of course he did not feel jealous of him because he is married with 5 kids. LOL. Although he was not excited or did not look on our picture together. hahaha!!!

Anyway, back on the seminar, the talk that he gave us was so good and of course, I took down notes so I will not forget and wanna share it with all of my blog readers.

How to be Successful?

You have to:

1. Determine your Goals - What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be a successful nurse or doctor? Do you want to be a mompreneur like me? Think what do you want to achieve and write it down.

2. Set your Goals - Make a timeline on how you want to achieve your goal.

3. Create a Plan - Go to school and pass all the necessary exams, work hard and save money if you wanna invest on something.

4. Implement and Prioritize - Don't let bad influences or the 'mamaya na' attitude put you down. Life is so short for you to be lazy or be financially illiterate. I started investing on Insurance at 23 years old. Started seriously saving money at 22. Always know what is your priority. If you want to succeed, implement what is necessary. 

5. Surrender and be prepared for detours - In my life, I had lots of detours. My first wish is to be a nurse outside the country. But then, I chose lovelife over career, so all of my dreams was back in a burner. I have to sacrifice my dream for my husband and my son. But in time, I made a decision to not let it get to me and follow my passion. To start my own business and that is beauty and fashion. I am much more happier and I am glad I surrendered everything to God. I prioritize my family and have a happy career.

The 3 M's you need in your Life



-You have to have a strong desire to achieve your GOAL
 - You MUST have an affirmed SKILLS. (Study, Practice, Be wise about Money)
- Check your current circumstances. Is my dream available for now? Do I have to have it all right now? Sometimes our life situations and our dreams will not mix, but we have to work hard and be patient. At the same time, we have to be PROACTIVE with everyday life. Simple things that we have to do everyday that will later on can benefit us, and that depends on what is your goal.

                              MATE - If you have that one person, who holds your hand and helps you achieve your goals in life, HOLD on to that person, and never let go. Sometimes, choosing our mate will make or break your life. I am happy that me and my husband have the same goals. We are sacrificing a lot for our kids and for our future but also we know that TIME is also so important to us and we really make an effort to have a family day or date night. We are both busy bees, but hubby is much busier than me, so I always make an extra effort to be patient about it, and I will be the one who is much more present to our kids, and he will be the breadwinner. I am very happy with our situation and I accepted the fact that this is our life. So proud to have a supportive and responsible husband.

LASTLY, Work Hard, Do your Best and be a good Stewart!!!

After that, we enjoyed the free food buffet that was prepared to us. Of course I was like a monster and enjoyed all the food. To be honest, I really enjoy free stuffs. LOL!!! Ate Sol always invites me on this kind of seminars because I am very interested on financial literacy.

Before the seminar, I accompanied my friend Cherry Maning on her gig. 

I invited all of my close friends for the seminar but only my cousin KC and friend Patricia came. Hubby was busy!

I was happy they came with me to learn and be more financially ready! 

Then we went to Abreeza with my cousin to help her prepare on her wedding day! We bought her wedding shoes, earrings and wedding rings! Happy was able to help her.

It was a beautiful day with friends and cousin, and I went home to my family. Love them so much.
Hope you enjoyed my blogpost today! Happy Weekend!

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