Martes, Hulyo 21, 2015

Keepin' it ReaL

Hi everyone! It is my birthday week!  
My raging hormones was quite high this whole month because I feel that I'm getting older and my last year in my 20's. 
Feelin' sad because I really can't fight aging. Lol! Though I am very grateful with my life, I can notice some flabby thighs and saggy skin in my neck because of my fluctuating weight.

In the social media induced world, where everything is almost fake, I wanna keep it real and honest. I'm gonna start with my pictures with no editing. (that means no photoshopping my body and I am using DSLR camera which makes me look fatter than normal)
This is my real body. On my way to fetch Liam and do some grocery shopping for my birthday. 
Top - given by my mom
Shorts - f21
Floppy hat - H&M
Shoes - Melissa
Bag - Kenneth Cole

Love my arm candy stacks. Got it in Uyanguren of course. :)

Catch my blogposts for more realness. 

'In a world where everything want to show how perfect their life are, I just wanna be real.'

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