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Hi everyone! Can't believe its Friday again. It has been a week since we opened Net Central Malaybalay.

Our time has come to eat at Picobello. Would you believe, hubby did not experience Picobello? Since I was in Highschool, me and my friends love the pizza there. The taste is so authentic. It feels like you are in Italy. Let's even talk about that its Buy 1 take 1 during afternoon from 2-5 pm. 

Last February, we went to Gaisano South Illustre so that hubby can eat there, but alas it was officially closed. I was sad because he is a Davaoeno and never ever tried.

The newly opened Picobello is very near from Liam's school. So we decided to surprise Liam and eat out for family bonding!

It is in the new commercial space near Woodlane, Maa.

He was so happy when he saw us in the car.

Heather is such a crazy and cute toddler. Lovin' her attitude!

Love my kids toooo muucchh!

         Nguso feels! :)

    Picobello at the 2nd Floor

    Nice interiors but it was so hot so we transferred to the airconditioned part.

        Siblings love!

     Daddy's girl. She did not have a complete nap.

                          My crew

    Still feels like the old Picobello but more modern.

   We loved the mango shake! It was so fresh and sweet.

Liam finished the whole glass. We ordered another one.

       Happy mood later on.

     With my grade schooler!


    We ordered Calzone and spare ribs. Next time we will order 2 pizzas because we were not super satisfied...we want moooreee because the pizza is so yummy.

BAD NEWS: no more buy 1 take 1 for pizzas! But it's okay, I understand. Being a businesswoman myself, I want them to have big income so Picobello will not close. Lol

Later on, we went to Abreeza to do some grocery shopping. Many girls loved Heather. She was making people happy. They said she was like an angel and she is so cute and cuddly! A woman even talked to us and followed us for a time because she was soooo gigil for Heather.

I had my first dealer of my bleaching cream! It was so unexpected and I felt really happy and blessed. If you are interested contact me: 09438290087.

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