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Sundays: School and Family Bonding

On our usual Sundays, we go out, eat something yummy and sinful, or just stay in the house and eat 'lutong bahay'

But when I started school, it ruined our family bonding moments. Just a little sacrifice for my dream to be the best in the Salon business.

Wearing something school appropriate makes me crazy. It has been so long since I had been following school dress codes so you might only see me with pants and shirt, or maxi skirts.

Lets talk about this Folded Maxi from Gap. It has been months since I had this skirt given by my mom's boss. I did not like the style but of course it is GAP and the color is eye catching so I decided to keep this skirt.

I researched on PINTEREST on how to wear folded skirts and alas! Finally found something perfect to match this skirt of mine.

This loose shirt I bought in Divisoria almost 5 years ago for only P150.
I love this shirt because of the color, the texture and I can wear it anytime I wanna wear something conservative.

The scarf is given by my cousin from New York Ishang. She said, 'Ate do you like this scarf, I wanna give it to you!"
 So of course, I said YES! I love it so bohemian.  I'm half bohemian, half glamour-classy.

I decided to curl my hair to match the entire outfit. 

I love the walls outside of our house. My husband designed it.

The bag, of course is from Kenneth Cole and shoes from Charles and Keith.

Before I went to school, my kids were playing and decided to take a picture of their random moments!

Sad Heather! LOL

My sweet Kuya

So that is actually Liam's basic ootd when he is in the house.  He wants to be fresh and free.

Hubby told me while I was at school they went BIKING without me! Jealous much. He said he trained Liam to bike uphill and rocky roads. So proud of my 6-year old.
After eating our dinner, we were in our room and just talked and do some boring stuff..but yeah I hate to admit it but we are happy just being with each other.

While Dada was taking care of H, I was busy helping Liam memorize the Boyscout oath and traits.

Dada was watching UFC women edition and played with Heather too.

We slept around 9:30 pm. Pretty much very early because Hubby will be going to Digos for Net Central Work.

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