Huwebes, Hulyo 16, 2015

That 70's Outfit

Hi everyone!!!

I wanted to wear this 70's inspired look for a long time. These clothes are always in my closet that I can't let go. The sheer top from Forever 21 in beige color is such a classic staple that can match so many outfits in my closet. 

The flared pants is a trend that always comes and go. The shape of the pants suits my body really well because I am more of a pear shape. But I fell inlove with skinny jeans and wearing these pants is just a 'once in a while' kind of thing.

I also love wearing braids but I don't have the time and the talent to do it in a day. I'm a mother of two and a businesswoman! I tried practicing but I don't have the patience. So to anyone who can do braids in different kind of styles, I am happy for you.

I bought this braided headband at Claire's in New York.  (well, my mom did as a gift to me). It was one of the last days that I was in NY and we were so emotional. So she treated me like her baby girl and asked me what would I want at Claires.

The sandals is from Gmall Department Store 3 years ago. I loved it so much that even if it was broken, I let a shoe repair shop fix it even if  the brand new price is only P250. I know its not worth it anymore. But I really love it and it is so comfortable. 

If you notice that I'm a bit serious today because I am sad. Ate Maricar's mom passed away yesterday. She is Eric's cousin. Could not believe it everything happened so fast. I can't get over it, my mom is so special to me and I can't live without her. I can imagine how Ate feels now. Prayers for her and to her whole family. May Tita Linda's soul rest in peace.

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