Martes, Hulyo 28, 2015

The Perks of Being a Good Wife

Hi everyone!  

Hubby and me went to Malaybalay last Tuesday because there was a problem with the server of our inet cafe.

I decided to accompany my husband for safety reasons. He might sleep on the road. Might as well help him be alert by talking to him. I am a very chikadora to people I am close to. Expect it to be enjoyable, interactive and intriguing when I want it to. Lol! All of my close friends love me for who I am.

Anyway, one of our topics is a friend of ours not being given freedom by his partner. He cheated on her. But I don't want to talk about it more in detail.

My husband told me that life is so short to not have freedom. So he said that he wants me to give him freedom to do what he wants to do without me being angry at him. He makes it a point to be a good husband to me so in exchange, I trust him and lets him be.

So I relate myself to him. I told him, me too, I am a good, loving and loyal wife to Ek. In return, I have a lot of perks.

I can go out whenever I want to. I know my limitations and my priority is my family but whenever I wanna go out with my sister, cousins or friends he lets me go out. Although he calls me at 10 pm because he needs me already. Lol.

Shopping. Girls, I don't smoke, I dont drink often, I'm not a bili moko girl.. But clothes are really my weakness. I buy clothes with my own money. I love it that he does not question me. He lets me be. He also knows that I know how to adapt. If we are in saving mode, I know my limits and I know how to stop myself. But really, clothes are my thing. Lol.
Bags second.
Jewelries third.
Make Up fourth.
Shoes last. Lol

I also love it that he gives me so much privacy. Well, anyway, my phone and emails are pretty much boring and girly. Lol

I also love it when he still looks at me like I'm the best girl he ever met. I always make it a point to be a good wife so that he will always wants to go home fast. Even if he is very tired from work, he spends time with us no matter what.

He also supports me in whatever business that I am in. Always cheering for me whenever I have some good news about my business/blog.

In addition to that, he is a gentleman. He does almost everything without me even asking him. 

Everytime its my birthday or Christmas, I  am excited because he knows what to give me (but with my constant chikas about it of course).

I also love it that 99% treats me on our date. Almost 10 years and he still does that. Kilig.

Making me comfortable is one of his priorities in all aspects of our life.

That's why I would not want to break his Trust, Respect and Love for me. I cannot imagine hurting him or disappointing my husband. But believe me, I am far from being submissive and martyr. I respect his opinions but if I know I'm right, I will fight like a bitch or a tiger. I'm crazy. Lol.

But in our daily life, there is really nothing to be angry about. We are ssooo chill and we get along really well. 'Buyag'

Although there are times that I'm irritated at him but that is for a separate blogpost. Lol

Pics from our trip:

It's a 2 cups of coffee day! We woke up at 3 am.. So we can go home early too for our kids.
     Mcdo Valencia, Bukidnon

    At a coffeeshop in Malaybalay

At the car... Going home. Tired and sleepy.

Love you bi! Thanks for always putting up with a crazy creative girl like me! Kahit na ganun, I'm very dependable naman din.

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