Huwebes, Setyembre 3, 2015

Gray Matters

Hi everyone! 

This is one of my favorite looks ever! I super love gray. It is a very simple and basic
color but can give you a cool chic vibe.

I super love this jacket that I have since 2013! Been having doubts on wearing this in Davao because it might be too much for my city...'overdressed much' perhaps? But hell yeah Budget Barbara will wear anything she wants. Will not care what other people will say. I will wear what I want.

It's funny how I lost this jacket for awhile now. Almost 2 years! Been looking for it but I can't seem to find it. I only worn it once while we were in Manila having my tourist visa interview and after that, it disappeared.

I went to look for it 2 weeks ago...I started giving up...then I started looking at the farthest part of hubby's cabinet!!! Yyyeeeyyy!!! Our helper thought Eric owns the jacket. Lol

I wore this right after I found it. Hubby wants to watch Inside Out with Liam. We always look forward with a movie and choices of Large popcorns! Eric and I loves sour cream and Liam wants cheese. Good thing the jacket is appropriate for a cold cinema at SM lanang. 

It is one of my hubby's tradition in our family to watch a movie together. Maybe that is one of the times he feels he can forget about his business and just chill with us. I know he really wants to be there as much as he can for us but he has big responsibilities and bills to pay.

Anyway, the dress is from Never Been Kissed at Robinsons Department Store. It's the only brand that I love to look at whenever I want to look for something trendy and I am at Abreeza.

I hope you love my look because I do!!!

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