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Chill Time and Watch out for The Griddle

Hi everyone! Posting some of our family photos from last week. It was chill time with hubby because it was a crazy day. My assistant Ruthy had her dayoff and I have to take care of my 2 kids. I get so tired everything is crraaZy! My son helps me though but he also has lots of needs then following my growing toddler and also cleaning up after them and make them eat... you know the drill! It was so hectic that at the end of the day I asked my hubby to give me my favorite Mudcrusher. The choco-milky alcoholic drink to make me relax and have a good night.

Good thing my madam gave me time to do my make up. It's so cute! She tries to follow me already and she loves holding my lipsticks now! Dream come true.

We went to a beautiful garden first. Heather had lots of fun running around. 

    Liam was shy to his 2nd cousin Iggy.

     Yey! We love playing on a big space

      My ootd an old dress that I love

                       Our family pic

                  My lovely baby Girl!

Then later on we went to Davcon for the Kadayawan Bazaar to visit and support Eric's friend Pedro and try his new project, The Griddle.
      They have burgers and sandwiches

We loovveeeddd it! My fave was the sandwich! Super yummy! Hubby tried the sandwich. 

  I also tried the burger. So yummy too!

Heather loved walking around DavCon. She loves exploring different places already. 

Prices are 150 to 200+ but the price is worth it. They will open soon. Heard just beside Sanny Sweets. Not sure but will definitely update you guys!

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