Lunes, Agosto 17, 2015

Current Fashion Cravings

Been loving some fashion trends for 2015. I see it everywhere in social media, specially in Pinterest and Instagram. But that does not mean I will buy them all. Maybe, if I can find a cheaper alternative. Will tell you if I will buy, or not, or be creative!!!

1. Layered Necklaces 
It really looks cute. Simple classy with a mix of bohemian twist. I will just be creative and layer some of my current necklaces.

2. Givenchy Antigona

Oh my Oh my.. Been eyeing this for months now. But since I bought expensive bags while I was in NY, so the answer is NO!!! Also I can't afford it. Lol

3. Laced Up heels and flats

These shoes look so cool. I can remember this when I was a kid. This is trendy. Or is it just my imagination? I'm loving the flats in black. Just heard Mango released a shoe like this. 
So to buy or not??? Thinking about it. I just think this will not be cool next year anymore and so tiring to always tie it up and remove.

4. Laced up top

Too cute. I'll buy if there is a more conservative option. 

5. Stan Smith Adidas

This will be too cute to wear with my whole family. This is sssoooo trendy in Newyork. Looks so cool! Told my husband about it and he is cool on buying for us two. The problem is its not yet available in Davao last March. When I checked online, its expensive. So goodbye!!! Will look for something similar but not expensive.

6. Distressed Jeans

It is a must have! You can even make your own same as my take in it from my last blogpost. I also love stripes long sleeves. So glad I have 3. 

7. Jogger Pants

I already got 2. One from Victoria Secret and the other one in Gmall Department Store for only P380! Will post soon!

8. Gray Dress

Been inlove with all things gray!!! It is so classic, cool and edgy at the same time. I also love the cut out on this dress, but this is not good for my body type coz still need to tone my arms!!!
Will just mix up my old gray outfits. So addicted to gray.

9. Embellished Top.

The top is from Zara. So expensive. I hope Cherry can find something similar when she goes to Bkk next month.

10. Pineapple and Melon Prints

A must- have for me! They look cute and fresh! Already got the skirt last Sunday at Abreeza department store. The brand is Never been Kissed. Still looking for the melon bag though!

11. Off shoulder top

Have red, white and yellow. Yey!!!

12. Chanel Sneakers

Obsessed! Can't afford! No way I will buy a super expensive stuff that I will use for walking. Such a waste of money.

13. Melissa Shoes

My christmas wishlist!!!
1st pic is from Karl Lagerfeld design+Melissa collaboration.

2nd Pic a Chanel inspired ballet shoes. Just so addicted with Melissa sooo comfy!

hope you love it!!!

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