Huwebes, Agosto 13, 2015

DIY Distressed Blue Jeans

Hi everyone!!!

After graduating in college, I felt so relieved because I don't get to wear pants! I hate pants and how it fits. You always find me wearing dresses, shorts, skirts or leggings.

When I went to New York, I had to wear pants for Winter. I fell inlove with pants once again. But not boring pants. I wanted to spice things up!
I typed DIY distressed jeans in Youtube and viola! There's a whole new world for DIY's!!! 

What you need:

Old pants

I love my new distressed pants without hurting my shopping budget!!! Lol

Wearing an old white shirt
Pants from Terranova
Shoes from Melissa
Shades from Aldo
Bag from Kenneth Cole

Liam took all the pictures. Isn't he amazing?

Sharing random pics of my children 2 weeks ago.

Just random afternoon with my lovies

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