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NYC Adventure Part 3: Whole Foods

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! 

Just wanna share my USA experience with you guys! Little by little, I will share one of the happiest moments of my life! A dream come true. I know many of you who are constant travellers, must have been laughing about how happy I am on this trip. But really, it is amazing when all of your life you have dreamed and wished for, and now it came true!  So if you love to take a peek on this dream of mine, then try to check my blog once a week, I might post something new!

What I really really loved in NYC is the Whole Foods Store. I was soooo amazed by it. I don't know if everything is healthy though.

Whole Foods has a grocery part and dining area.

I went there so many times because I was so inlove with the store and how satisfying the food are.

         So many fresh fruits and veggies

The flowers gave me goosebumps. So beautiful. I love beautiful flowers.

               Fresh fish and poultry 

   Another flowers pic because I'm obsessed!!!


    The pastries are to die for! Makes me confused on what to buy!

     The cakes!!! Yum yum yum!!!

The apple pie here was 11/10. Lol! My mom bought me 2 boxes of apple pie because I loved it so much.

The food that was available looked like a carenderia. So many options! Different kinds of food all over the world.

Just get a plate and you can grab anything that is available. They willl price you on the weight of the food that you put on the container.  Because I'm a tourist, my food costed me $8. I grabbed everything I wanted. Haha!

     Here is a sample of what I get. Mostly pasta and yummy pork or chicken.

                   A closer look!!!

   My diet conscious mom! Boring food! Lol

     Happy meeeee

     Flowers again????

    My fashionista look. Because it was fashion week. Hehe

    This is the carenderia look part. Ain't it sosyal??? Hehehe

Even when me and my cousin went out on a date, I even asked him to take me to Whole Foods.

   It was his first time going there. He loved it too.

    I miss you cousin! Hope you are doing fine.

I would definitely suggest trying out The Whole Foods! I miss it much! They have lots of branches all over NYC.

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