Linggo, Agosto 9, 2015

Saturday is for the kids

                      Hi everyone!!!

How is everyone's weekday going? Mine is fine, doing just normal things. Did some errands today. Later I will fetch Liam and might drop by at NCCC mall to buy Liam's boyscout uniform. So hard to find the stuffs now. Always out of stock.

Anyway, just wanna share our Saturday bonding. I had so much fun with my family.

We were invited at Zoofari for Kevin's birthday. He is Liam's classmate.

I love bringing Heather because she can walk and we will not have a hard time carrying her.
     I super love this Jacket. It looks like  a  leather  jacket but actually its not. The material is so thin. I love the cheetah pattern on the side.
     I'm always hesitant to wear this in Davao but I realized, the hell with what people say. I wanna wear what I want! I bought this in Divisoria 2 years ago for only P280. Such a steal right? 

                   With my lovies!!!

    We went to abreeza to buy Kevin's gift. 

Hubby wants to buy new shoes for work and crossfit. His favorite shoes given by my mom already gave up on him because he wears it everyday.

   We went to Nike Abreeza and tried so many styles but he did not like anything.
He wanted the flyknit one but it was so expensive. It's not practical. P18,000 is such a big amount for shoes. But he really likes how comfy it is.

      We ended up not buying anything.

It was Heather's first time on a toystore. She looked amazed. There were lots of stimulis around her she wants to hold everything she sees.

After that, we went to the party. We had fun with the food and the give aways. We were such proud parents of Liam. He is so cooperative and soo cool. 3 years ago, he was not like that. He was scared to lose and he cries easily. Glad that he changed and he enjoys playing with other kids.

Heather loved playing on these cute balloons. She played with it for 40 minutes. We wanted to ask for the balloon to take home but we were shy! Lol. It is such an amazing experience to have children. Happy to be with them all the time and I get to guide them every step of the way.

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