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Hi everyone! Are you looking for an adventure that will let you explore the beauty of nature?

If you want something with no internet connection and a little bit of signal on your cellphones and you have no choice but to bond with your family or friends, then Mt. DJOHAN is for you.

The place is in Arakan, North Cotabato. Just 30 minutes before Seagull Mountain Resort.

It is an enchanting and peaceful place. You can rent I think the 2 houses. The one that we rented was P6,000 but for 10 people already. 
To be honest, I was not prepared on this adventure. I did not know that there will be a little signal for my Sun No. I was anxious that my family will be 'worried' that I did not give them any update about me if I am safe.

The reason we went there because my cousin will have her Prenuptial shoot at Mt. Djohan. She went there months ago and she loved the place. I was a bit hesitant to go there because I have my class on Cosmetology on Sundays and I don't want to overnight without my kids. But KC is one of my closest cousin, and I know this only happens once in our lives, so I asked my hubby to let me go and do her hair, make up and styling.

We arrived around 5:30 pm and I was amazed by the beauty of nature. About 60% of the place is untouched. They even have a little pool just outside our cottage but I forgot to take a picture with it.

 The view is so spectacular. I love going to cold places. This is the part where we can chill with friends. Like a tree house. I wish I knew about this place while I was in college. It would be nice to be with my friends.

Good thing I had my Canon 50mm lens. All of the pictures are unedited. 

Just wanna add some info. You have to bring everything like food, toiletries, wood for cooking, matches, towels and everything that you need! Basic needs I suppose! 
So better be prepared and pull out your inner girl scout. LOL

Don't forget your jacket, scarf and longsleeves. I suggest you wear rubber shoes and also bring your own slippers for the house or if you wanna take a plunge on the river or the mini pool.

Just outside our cabin. My 'just woke up face'

This is really the day for her Prenup shoot. We woke up 5 am to prepare KC for her hair and make-up.

 While waiting for KC finish taking a bath, we took some pictures. This was the second floor of the house.

Beautiful view!

Later on, I started her make-up. The lighting was way over the top.

So happy and excited for KC.

 Just finishing her hair!!

The final output. She was so beautiful. No filter!

Opted for a light make-up first, then darker looks in the afternoon.

Me as a supportive cousin!!! :)

I did not take a bath because it is Kc's day and I wanna focus on her. Also, it was so COLD. No hot water available.

This is the view of the river! OMG It took 500 slippery and downhill steps just to get to the magnificent river. There was also a hanging bridge but I told my cousin I don't wanna go because I was afraid I might slip! The stones that we stepped on was scary. 

It was funny because I was telling God that I wanted to go nature hiking and God really answered my prayers!It was a hell of a ride. I had more stories to tell but I opted to just keep some of it to myself and take the memories with me.

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