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Yoga Davao and EchoStore

Happy Thursday everyone!

I had fun with Cherry yesterday! It has been almost 3 weeks since we last saw each other. Lately, she is addicted doing yoga. She keeps on inviting me but I kept on declining because I am not a big fan of Yoga. I love biking, dancing or walking in the treadmill.But, I said, I'll try it next time we see each other. 

We saw each other early morning to do some Yoga and we planned to eat at EchoStore because it was just near to us.

This picture is one of my favorites. I was sad since Sunday, due to multiple of reasons and she listened on my problems and just made me happy that day.
Thank you besh for being there for me. You are the only one who understands my problems.

At Yoga Davao.. inside Rancho Palos Verdes
I was so confident at first because I can do all the basic yoga 2 years ago, but then when we did it, I had a hard time. My strength and core needs to improve. I basically felt the need to exercise once again. It tested my patience and flexibility. But I admit, it was challenging and I was dripping with sweat. In the end, I felt relaxed and happier.

I am still deciding if I will go back to the gym again. My priority is Heather and Liam and also my salon. Heather still needs me more this days. I wanna help her with her milestones. I noticed that she needs me as she is starting to talk and I wanna guide her. Maybe when she will be 2 years old and I am quite comfortable on leaving her every morning. In the meantime, I will treadmill in the house, do Yoga, dancing and Tone it Up on Youtube.

We went to echostore for our lunch.

I started to talk and talk and talk about everything! LOL

Cherry also shared some of her personal stuffs with me.

We enjoyed the food! It was yummy and the price is a little bit higher. Around P150-P250ish.

The green salad

This is the pasta that we ordered. I forgot the name but it was ssooo yummy!!! Definitely suited my taste! It was a mix of pesto but on a sweeter side.

Grilled Cheese

Took some photos for Cherry for her blog. She loved it.

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