Martes, Setyembre 29, 2015

Balot Nights

My hubby is the ultimate Pinoy. He loves the Philippines so much he never want to leave. Ek loves Filipino food so much too. One of his favorites are street foods like tinae ng baboy, anything na barbeque, green na super asim na mangga na may bagoong or suka, shakes from street vendors, cotton candy  and balot.

Of course he wants his prodigy to be like him too. He introduced balot to Liam 2 years ago and he loved it.

Usually if we have light dinner meals and we want to have our midnight snack he buys balot for both of them. I get jealous because they are in major bonding mode. I told him how can I join them? They look so happy.

Eric suggested that I try the Penoy because there is no piso/chick. I tried it this year and I loved it. I can finish 2 penoys in one seating. Eric and Liam?? No comment. Unlimited. Hehe.

Me eating my Penoy with asin and suka

Heather also had her first bite last night. She loves it too.

How about you what is your favorite bonding moments with your family?

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