Miyerkules, Setyembre 30, 2015

DIY Laced Up Shoes and Laced Up Top

Hi everyone! 

I love the laced up trend.

When I saw in forever 21 the shoes costs P1470! Too pricey for me.
I also want the black laced up top but I did not find anything from stores yet. So I decided to look at DIY's on youtube and viola!

video from FashionbyAllie

This video is my favorite because it is very doable! I hope I find a time to do this. I'll buy a black tie at Gaisano mall. Hopefully next week I can do this.

video from: Injoyy

If you want to have laced up shoes just use your old boring ballet shoes! HHHmm for me I got sick of the shoe already so I decided to not do this anymore. This DIY is also very easy so hope you enjoy!

I still want the laced up top hopefully I can show you my DIY laced up top soon!

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