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Mama Fashion: Jumpshorts

When I go out with my daughter, my fashion choice is always about FUNCTION. I really try to stay fashionable even though I am a busy Mama. I will run with Heather or carry her every time she needs it or let her drink milk in public. The probability of looking losyang is INEVITABLE.

One of my favorite things to wear is jumpshorts. I love attractive prints specially floral ones. When I run around with Heather, Jumpshorts will cover sexy parts of mine like underwear or the back of my butt. I don't want to give anyone a free show to the people around me that's why it is important for me to make sure everything is covered in the right way.

Jumpshorts: Gaisano Grand Mall P269 only!
Gray cardigan: DCLA, Uyanguren 2 years ago.
This cute Furry Bag: From Uyanguren Ukay Ukay in the side of Nccc Mall. College Days and still going strong. This bag will forever be one of my favorites.

Layered Necklace: Sugar Brand in NYC

shoes: Melissa

You might think that I always have the time of my life when I take care of my babies but there are definitely bad days and this day was it.

I had MBEX conference that day and I decided to bring Liam and Heather because I wanna be with them as much as I can. I asked my hubby if he can handle it and he said Yes. The plan was going to the MBEX and Baby H will and hubby will sleep in the car. But not all things come our way (surprise, surprise), H woke up after an hour so she did not have her usual complete 3-hour nap in the afternoon.

So we went to a party and Heather was a pain in the ass. Lol. She is so clingy and her usual happy and charismatic personality was not evident. She was always crying. I know it is normal but I had a hard time because the party was outdoors and it was also humid.
My patience was up and I told my husband that I want to go home but he still wants to enjoy with his friends. The monster inside of me wanted to shout at him for being sooo insensitive and worse, it rained. One of my fears because I'm afraid my kids will get sick.

I chose to be patient and respectful because I don't want Ek to feel disrespected towards his friends and maybe I will just give him the silent treatment later. Lol.

The next day he bought me liempo and 3 kilos of mangosteen and my anger is gone because I slept on it. Lol.
Heather was back on her behavior and Kuya Liam is there so everything is OK. 
Lesson learned: Be more patient and don't make things Big or else it will turn to unnecessary fights. 

I am so obsessed with my daughter! She has an amazing personality and she has a big chunky butt that makes everyone make gigil!!!

Hope you love my look!

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