Huwebes, Setyembre 17, 2015

New York Fashion Week Not Invited Edition

Hi everyone!!! Watching E! News and seeing lots of celebrities, bloggers, stylists and designers going to #NYFW, I would just like to share my experience last February! I was so happy that I had the chance to go to NYFW even though I was not invited to any show. Lol!

Mom and I just stayed outside and I saw lots of fashionistas taking a picture of themselves just like me. What so funny is that most of them are also just taking a picture for their blog so that they will also look that they are 'invited' lol.

But I love looking at them looking at different fashion statements. Can't help but feel intimidated! 

      Mercedes Benz!!! Feb 2015


Saw lots of beautiful faces on this side of NY! 

I hope you love my look for Fashion Week Not Invited Edition. Hehehe

Thanks Ma for being a good sport even though it was freezing!!!!
After staying outside, We went to shop. I bought bags for a cheaper price at Century 21 and Mac Make Up for my salon.

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