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Rockin' my Jogger Pants

I always loved Jogger Pants. I remember when my mom gave us our very first Balikbayan box, there was a gray Gap Jogger Pants with a vest. I kept the jogger pants till now. It is so comfy and it is not the usual jogging pants that I had. 

Fast forward 15 years and now its a trend. Usually, when there is a trend that I like, I buy the super mura ones because I know I will definitely be sick of it for a time. But I think jogger pants will remain in my closet. I usually wear my jogger pants with rubber shoes but when I am out on a business with pleasure date with hubby, he goes out with his errands and I accompany him equals free food for me. LOL I'm a sucker for free food. hehehe. I usually wear heels just for the sake of  feeling like we are having a 'date.'

Jogger Pants - P380 Gaisano Mall Department Store

I loved the light faded one first but I know that I am a pear-shaped woman. Blessed with big hips and butt, it is a must to wear dark pants to have a slimmer silhouette. 

Old Shoes from Aldo
Old Shades from Aldo 
Old Scarf from my Gap
Old Blue Silky Top from my sis
Kate Spade Bag

I saw Katrina Campins on Miami Listings last week she wore her scarf this way and had hot pink lips on. Quickly searched on youtube on how to achieve her look. I loved it! It instantly gave a more polished sophisticated look on my outfit.

The second jogger pants I wore in my cosmetology class.

say hello to the kaldero and the mineral water hehehe

The pants is from Victoria Secret
Old top from f21

bag - Payless
shoes - Melissa
necklace from - SM Department Store

It gives a street-style, comfy and upgraded version of jogging pants.

I hope you love my look and somehow you get inspired wearing jogger pants!

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