Miyerkules, Setyembre 9, 2015

The Heat is On

Hi everyone! I'm back! Been awhile. I was not in the mood to make some ootd posts for a reason that I would not want to discuss. No worries because I got over it.

Yesterday I got busy buying stuffs
for Liam's birthday celebration in the classroom. No budget for a party for him.
Last week we already bought rollerskates as his wish and some books and coloring materials. Good thing Liam is contented for a semi-party on his classroom. I am also preparing a DIY teepee for him but that would be for a separate blogpost. :)

I super love this outfit. It was sooo hot yesterday. I was not in the mood for pants or shorts and decided to wear maxi dress in Gray. It is minimalistic design and the cloth is thin so I can be comfortable.

Gray dress: Forever 21
Bohemian sandals: Primadonna
Leather Hat: given to me by a photographer
Old bag from Charles and Keith
Layered necklace from my mom

I got so many compliments on this look.

Because it was sooo hot, we decided to drink and try the newly opened beanleaf.

 I tried the classic milk tea. It was so yummy and what is unique about it is that they put a shot of espresso on it. If you want to put pearls, just add P10!

Hubby ordered Frap but he was not impressed. His first love is in Bo's or starbucks Java chip.

I will definitely be back at Beanleaf and praying that the scorching heat will go away.

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