Biyernes, Setyembre 4, 2015

The Magic Hour

As I write this blogpost, me and my baby girl are just lounging around our room as I wait for the magic hour.

I try to celebrate magic hour everyday. It starts around 4:30 pm-5:30 or maybe just within 4-6 pm. 

Heather wakes up from her 2 hour nap and Liam comes home from school. That is when I am at my happiest. 

Liam will have his merienda, bread with crumpy and banana. When I was pregnant, I was addicted with bread with crumpy. Maybe thats why its Liam's favorite for years now. Maybe Heather will also love Goldilocks Polvoron coz that was my favorite when I was pregnant with her.

Liam just tries to relax in the sofa while me and Heather will start our walking routine around the village. 

I super love this time. The sun is not scorching hot, and as much as possible, I try to do it everyday. I always do my best to be home by 4 pm so I can have these routine for my kids.

Everytime I walk Heather, she enjoys the people who stops by to say hi to her or learning words as I describe to her. Favorites are bird, clouds, sky, turtle, lizard and chicken.

      She was delighted to see a kitten.

I feel so grateful that I get to have these moments with my children because some don't have the luxury to spend time  with them.

One of my happiest is when Liam got a gold award in his class and top 3 in his Chinese. It is because of Liam's hardwork and my patience to teach him every Monday to Thursday.

Indeed motherhood is one of the best thing that ever happened to me. Minsan lang cla maging bata. Might as well enjoy and be there for them as much as I can and create wonderful memories together.

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